Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh

Habitation wise Abstract(2013-14)


Habitation NameTotal PoliciesMaleFemaleNO.%NO.%NO.%NO.%NO.%
Adavikamma Palle 37289718.92410.812670.270000
Bandakada Madigapalle 181621810000000000
Burravandla Palle 110110000000000
Chinapareddigari Palle 871225225337.5112.500
Galiveeti Vari Indlu 770710000000000
Gandla Palle 1110119.0900763.64327.2700
Kondakinda Madiga Palli 110110000000000
Kondruvandla Palle 220000021000000
Palemgaddamadiga Palle 1515096000213.33426.6700
Papannagari Palle 330310000000000
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