Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh

Habitation wise Abstract(2013-14)


Habitation NameTotal PoliciesMaleFemaleNO.%NO.%NO.%NO.%NO.%
Annappagari Palle 14140214.29001071.43214.2900
Bandakada Madigapalle 110110000000000
Bandakada Palle 12102975000032500
Goravandla Palle 321000031000000
M.v.p.madiga Palle 110110000000000
Matukuvandla Palle 24231729.17001562.528.3300
Nagireddigari Palle 171251710000000000
Pothuvandla Palle 3535000003394.2925.7100
Vattamvandla Palle 330000031000000
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