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SthreeNidhi Visakhapatnam Devarapalle Mandal- Habitation Wise Abstract(Under LoanInsurance)

Habitation NameTotal PoliciesSCSTBCOCMinorityInsurance Agency
Total%Total%Total%Total%Total%LICIndia FirstDownload Policies
5235.771223.083669.2311.9200520 Click Here
Alamanda Kothapalle 200000021000020 Click Here
Bethapudi 300310000000030 Click Here
Boddapadu 280028100000000235 Click Here
Boila kintada 53611.32001528.33260.3800053 Click Here
Chintalapudi 1616.251593.75000000214 Click Here
Devarapalle 1463020.554027.47148.6353.420012125 Click Here
Garisingi 221000000000020 Click Here
GUNDLA PALEM 3400003088.24411.7600295 Click Here
Ippagaruvu 700710000000007 Click Here
K.M. Palem 111000000000001 Click Here
KADIRIMUTHAMAPALLE 600006100000060 Click Here
Kasi puram 9399.6822.158187.111.0800894 Click Here
KOTHAPALLE 100000101000000100 Click Here
Kothapenta 360000361000000135 Click Here
M. Alamanda 331000000000003 Click Here
Mamidipalle 11218.1800981.820000110 Click Here
Marepalle 160000161000000160 Click Here
Mulakala palle 4648.70024.354086.9600460 Click Here
N. Gajapahti Nagara 1900001789.47210.5300163 Click Here
Nagayyapeta 5012240036722400455 Click Here
Pallapukodabu 12001210000000048 Click Here
Pandoorupalem 400001253750040 Click Here
Patha vaalabu 300310000000003 Click Here
Peda nandipalle 39820.51002871.7937.6900363 Click Here
Sambuvani palem 46001532.613167.390000460 Click Here
Sammeda 2700271000000001710 Click Here
Santhapalem 300310000000003 Click Here
Tamarabba 400410000000040 Click Here
Taruva 204200016800000020 Click Here
Tenugupudi 111000000000001 Click Here
Vakapalle 250000312228800241 Click Here
Valabu 12001191.670018.3300012 Click Here
Vechalam 5014280034682400482 Click Here
Venkataraju puram 4512.22004293.3324.4400450 Click Here
VENKATARAOPETA 200002100000020 Click Here
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