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Andhra Pradesh
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SthreeNidhi Srikakulam Kanchili Mandal- Habitation Wise Abstract(Under LoanInsurance)

Habitation NameTotal PoliciesSCSTBCOCMinorityInsurance Agency
Total%Total%Total%Total%Total%LICIndia FirstDownload Policies
29931.031034.481034.480000290 Click Here
AKKARAPALLI 300003100000030 Click Here
AMPURAM 181266.6700633.330000180 Click Here
ARJUNAPURAM 425025000000040 Click Here
BELLUPADA 101010000000000100 Click Here
BHOGABENI 600006100000060 Click Here
BHYRIPURAM 7334.112027.41723.293345.2100730 Click Here
BURAGAM 922122.8311.096873.9122.1700920 Click Here
CHEEMALAPENTA 437500125000040 Click Here
DOLAGOVINDAPURAM 2073521011550000200 Click Here
GOKARNAPURAM 180000181000000180 Click Here
GUNDLU 200210000000020 Click Here
GUNTURPALLE 524000360000050 Click Here
GURUGUBILLI 100001100000010 Click Here
JADUPUDI 3525.7112.862880411.4300350 Click Here
JAKKARA 17211.76741.18847.060000170 Click Here
JALANTRAKOTA 18527.781372.22000000180 Click Here
KANCHILI 28828.57001864.2927.1400280 Click Here
KARAPALLE 6466.6700233.33000060 Click Here
KESAVARAM 100000011000010 Click Here
KOKKILIPUTTUGA 180018100000000180 Click Here
KOLLURU 36616.67002980.560000360 Click Here
KUMBARINOWGAM 280028100000000280 Click Here
KUTTUMA 121210000000000120 Click Here
MAKARAMPURAM 180015.561794.440000180 Click Here
MANDAPALLI 160000161000000160 Click Here
MATHAMSARIPALLE 801012.50060751012.500800 Click Here
PEDDA SREERAMPURAM 221000000000020 Click Here
PEDDAKHOJIRIA 310000311000000310 Click Here
POLERU 331000000000030 Click Here
PURUSHOTHAPURAM 600006100000060 Click Here
SAMANTHARAMACHANDRAP 340000341000000340 Click Here
TALATAMPARA 600116.67233.333500060 Click Here
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