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Andhra Pradesh
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SthreeNidhi Srikakulam Palasa Mandal- Habitation Wise Abstract(Under LoanInsurance)

Habitation NameTotal PoliciesSCSTBCOCMinorityInsurance Agency
Total%Total%Total%Total%Total%LICIndia FirstDownload Policies
300003100000030 Click Here
1181411.865546.614840.6810.85001180 Click Here
ALUKOLA 1853016.226836.768545.9521.08001850 Click Here
BANTUKOTTURU 221000000000020 Click Here
BODDAPADU 4700004391.4948.5100470 Click Here
BRAHMANATARLA 6346.35005587.346.3500630 Click Here
CHEEMALAPENTA 600006100000060 Click Here
CHINA GURUDASUPURAM 220000221000000220 Click Here
CHINA MAMIDIMETTU 12432.420012197.5800001240 Click Here
CHINAMAKANNA PALLI 400004100000040 Click Here
CHINANCHALA 1201512.575.839881.6700001200 Click Here
CHINAPALIYA 28517.862382.14000000280 Click Here
CHINNA NEELAVATHI 8500008498.8211.1800850 Click Here
DANAGORA 1312317.567960.312821.3700001310 Click Here
DANDLOPALLE 700007100000070 Click Here
EDURA PALLE 13286.060012493.9400001320 Click Here
GARUDAKHANDI 12475.6532.4211088.7143.23001240 Click Here
JAGANNADHAPURAM 104109.6298.656461.542120.19001040 Click Here
KANTRAGADA 635000350000060 Click Here
KESAVARAM 845000450000080 Click Here
KOMMIPADU 120000121000000120 Click Here
LODDABHADRA 29310.343010.2425486.6982.73002930 Click Here
LOHARIBANDA 100001100000010 Click Here
MANGALIPETA 300003100000030 Click Here
PEDDAGURAPPAGARIPALL 100010100000000100 Click Here
PEDDAKAMPALLE 240000241000000240 Click Here
SUVARNAPURAM 100001100000010 Click Here
TATIGUNTA CHEREVU 200002100000020 Click Here
TEKKALIPATNAM 4037.56152152.5102500400 Click Here
X X X X X 100001100000010 Click Here
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