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Andhra Pradesh
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SthreeNidhi Srikakulam Meliyaputti Mandal- Habitation Wise Abstract(Under LoanInsurance)

Habitation NameTotal PoliciesSCSTBCOCMinorityInsurance Agency
Total%Total%Total%Total%Total%LICIndia FirstDownload Policies
5323.774381.13815.090000530 Click Here
BANAPURAM 24312.52187.5000000240 Click Here
BANDLAPALLE 390039100000000390 Click Here
BHARANIKOTA 370037100000000370 Click Here
CHAPARA 141410000000000140 Click Here
CHEEPURAPALLE 150015100000000150 Click Here
CHINNARADODDI 100110000000010 Click Here
DEENABANDHUPURAM 28621.432278.57000000280 Click Here
GANGARAJAPURAM 100001100000010 Click Here
GODDA 50124998000000500 Click Here
GOKARNAPURAM 221000000000020 Click Here
GOPPALI 161610000000000160 Click Here
JADUPALLI 635035000000060 Click Here
JODURU 2428.332187.514.170000240 Click Here
KERAINGI 130013100000000130 Click Here
KOSAMALAIA 221000000000020 Click Here
MAKANNAPALLI 100001100000010 Click Here
MARADIKOTA 800810000000080 Click Here
MARRIPADU (C) 29310.342689.66000000290 Click Here
MARRIPADU (K) 500510000000050 Click Here
MEILAPUTTI 944547.8733.194547.8711.0600940 Click Here
MUKTAPURAM 111000000000010 Click Here
MUKUNDAPURAM 310031100000000310 Click Here
PARASURAMPURAM 4224.764095.24000000420 Click Here
PATTUPURAM 110000111000000110 Click Here
PEDALAXMIPURAM 900009100000090 Click Here
PEDDAPADMAPURAM 18001372.22527.780000180 Click Here
RATTINI 361541.67001541.67616.6700360 Click Here
SANTHALAXMIPURAM 180018100000000180 Click Here
SEKHARAPURAM 111000000000010 Click Here
SUNDARADA 110011100000000110 Click Here
VASANDHARA 251664009360000250 Click Here
VASANDUGOLLAPALLE 100110000000010 Click Here
VENKATAPURAM 900910000000090 Click Here
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