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Andhra Pradesh
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SthreeNidhi Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal- Habitation Wise Abstract(Under LoanInsurance)

Habitation NameTotal PoliciesSCSTBCOCMinorityInsurance Agency
Total%Total%Total%Total%Total%LICIndia FirstDownload Policies
401947.52152.5000000400 Click Here
BALERU 604168.331931.67000000600 Click Here
BATTILI 242410000000000240 Click Here
BELLUMADA 771000000000070 Click Here
BHAMANI 111110000000000110 Click Here
BOMMIKA 19526.321473.68000000190 Click Here
BURUJOLA 10110990000000100 Click Here
CHINNADIMILI 6583.33116.6700000060 Click Here
DIMMIDIJOLA 140014100000000140 Click Here
GHANASARA 9555.56444.4400000090 Click Here
KEESARA 161593.7516.25000000160 Click Here
KOSALI 331000000000030 Click Here
KOSIMANU GUDA 170017100000000170 Click Here
LIVIRI 11545.45654.55000000110 Click Here
MALLIKHARJUNAPURAM 300310000000030 Click Here
MANUMA KONDA 460046100000000460 Click Here
NALLARAI GUDA 3712.73697.3000000370 Click Here
NULAKAJODU 141410000000000140 Click Here
POLISH KOTA 110011100000000110 Click Here
THALADA 12758.33541.67000000120 Click Here
VADDANGI 3825.263694.74000000380 Click Here
YATHAMGUDA 2328.72191.3000000230 Click Here
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