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SthreeNidhi Srikakulam Veragattam Mandal- Habitation Wise Abstract(Under LoanInsurance)

Habitation NameTotal PoliciesSCSTBCOCMinorityInsurance Agency
Total%Total%Total%Total%Total%LICIndia FirstDownload Policies
300003100000030 Click Here
1292217.053325.587054.2643.1001290 Click Here
ADARU 111000000000010 Click Here
BITIWADA 200150150000020 Click Here
CHALIVENDRI 823137.81923.173239.020000820 Click Here
CHIDIMI 9666.6700333.33000090 Click Here
CHINNA ORAMPADU 11545.4500545.4519.0900110 Click Here
DASUMANTHA PURAM 691521.741014.494159.4234.3500690 Click Here
GADAGAMMA 800008100000080 Click Here
GARALAMADUGU 4300004093.0236.9800430 Click Here
HUSSAIN PURAM 1716940.353721.646135.6742.34001710 Click Here
JILLELAMADAKAVADDEPA 300003100000030 Click Here
KADAKELLA 1003377868644001000 Click Here
KADIRIMUTHAMAPALLE 221000000000020 Click Here
KAMBARA 292068.9700931.030000290 Click Here
KATHULAKAVITI 5723.512950.882645.610000570 Click Here
KIMMI 15960533.3316.670000150 Click Here
KOMMIPADU 200002100000020 Click Here
KOTHUGUMADA 262596.150013.850000260 Click Here
KUMMARIGUNTA 100000011000010 Click Here
LINGAMPALLE 600006100000060 Click Here
NADUKURU 863439.53004956.9833.4900860 Click Here
NARSIPURAM 300030100000000300 Click Here
NEELANAGARAM 441000000000040 Click Here
P.V.R.PURAM 150000151000000150 Click Here
RAMASAMUDRAM 800810000000080 Click Here
REGULAPADU 762127.63005167.1145.2600760 Click Here
TALAVARAM 13753.8500646.150000130 Click Here
TETTANGI 282796.430013.570000280 Click Here
TUDI 100001100000010 Click Here
VANDUVA 230028.72191.30000230 Click Here
VEERAGHATTAM 4536614.57153.3131669.765512.14004530 Click Here
VIKRAMPURAM 9255.4322.177985.8766.5200920 Click Here
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