Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh

  • Boon to the family

    Boon to the family

    Member of Amma Bhagvan Mahila Sangham, Mrs. Konamma’s story tells a tragic tale of how disability to

  • overcoming resistance

    overcoming resistance

    A reluctant looking member of the SHG, Mrs. Narsamma initially dreaded the very mention of speaking

  • Void filled

    Void filled

    Mrs. Asha Shaik was member of the Maruthi Swayam Sidhi Sangham in Garladinne village in the same ma

  • Regret missed opportunity

    Regret missed opportunity

    Mother of three children – two sons and a daughter – Mrs. Laxmi was active in the Self Help Group m

  • Lending a humane touch

    Lending a humane touch

    Wife of an auto driver Nicolas, Mrs.Kalavathi is blessed with two children. She does not own a house

  • Weathering storms

    Weathering storms

    Her son, a differently abled child, cannot walk or crawl and is unfit to take up any work. Suryakant

  • Anchor of Hope

    Anchor of Hope

    Her husband too worked as agricultural labourer. She too worked and they led a content life. But, af

  • Brimming with confidence

    Brimming with confidence

    The meticulous manner in which the family has taken the advantage of the existing policies of the de

  • Tension Free Angle

    Tension Free Angle

    A member of the local self-help group, Balaji Swayam Sahayaka Sangham for five years, 66 year- old-

  • Let the doors be open

    Let the doors be open

    Her desperation explains the story of legacy and efficacy of the scheme and its place in popular ima

  • Help in the golden hour

    Help in the golden hour

    Anil Kumar’s mother was a member of local SHG. While the going was smooth, his mother took a loan

  • Unlucky lot

    Unlucky lot

    Her fellow SHG members enrolled in the scheme and receive a monthly pension of Rs. 500. Subbulamma