Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh


Provision of social security nets for the poorest of the poor and the poor through relevant and affordable micro insurance is the intension of the Department of Rural Development. I , on behalf of SERP and all the SHGs & their federations, express my sincere gratitude to Sri. K.Raju, IAS the then the Principal Secretary to Government of Andhra Pradesh, Rural Development for creating enabling environment and bringing out polices for effective implementation and to Sri.T.Vijaykumar, IAS, the then the Chief Executive Officer of SERP for formulating strategic planning for implementation of the initiatives.

I am thankful to Sri. R.Subhramanyam, IAS, the Principal Secretary to Government of Andhra Pradesh, Rural Development for priority and providing timely suggestions in the implementation of the insurance activities.

I express our sincere thanks to Sri.B.Rajashekar, IAS, the Chief Executive Officer for strengthening social security initiatives with an assumption that it is a great succor and entitlement of the poor and quick and quality service are to be rendered relentlessly to the poor at their door steps.

I want to acknowledge a special debt to Sri.M.Raghunathan Rao, IAS, the then Project Director of DRDA, Chittoor and the Ex-Addl.CEO of SERP, for, in fact, the concept of Call Center and Bima Mithra is his brain child and for his remarkable contribution in providing his valuable advices for improvement of the systems.

Special thanks are due to Mr.V.K.Sharma, the then Executive Director, LIC, and Mumbai for permitting to set up a Satellite Office – first of its kind in the Country for claim settlement at LIC Office in Hyderabad and Mr.D.D. Singh, the then Zonal Officer, LIC for being instrumental in materialization of Satellite Office.

I am also thankful to all the Sub-committees of Zilla Samakhya, Mandal Samakhya, Village Organization, SHG Point persons and the Bima Mithras for their yeomen services in providing the comfort and interim relief to the bereaved nominees immediately.

Last but not least, I am grateful to all the LIC Satellite Office, Social Security Unit and all the Call Centres staff for their commitment in processing the Claims and fulfilling the dream of providing timely and quality services to the poor at their door steps.


Director,Social Security,
Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty
Andhra Pradesh, India